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a fair and abundant world with respect for earth and people, that is my vision”


Chicken in Lidhems permaculture garden

course & event calender 2022

preliminary planning
PIC = permaculture introduction course 1 day 10.00-16.00
PIP= permaculture in practice 1 day 10.00-17.00, themes vary per session, examples
polytunnels, chickens, compost, kitchen garden, mandala forest garden, riperian buffers, alleycropping in miniature, soil, creating a ’loofgang’ , insecthotels and observation spots.


PIC - sat.16  april  
PIP - sun 17 april 


PIC - sat. 7 may   
PIP - sun 18 may


PIC - sat. 4 june 
PIP - sun 5 june


PIC - sat. 3 sept 
PIP - sun 4 sept


PIC - sat. 15 oktober
PIP - sun 16 oktober


 I am still planning….

Drone Permaculture center Lidhem vegetable garden
Drone Permaculture center Lidhem garden
Drone Permaculture center Lidhem north
Drone Permaculture center Lidhem backside
Lidhem BnB outdoor kitchen
Lidhem BnB fresh eggs for breakfast
LLidhem BnB breakfast room
Lidhem BnB coffee corner
Lidhem BnB breakfast area
Lidhem BnB cofefe corner
Lidhem BnB reuse
Lidhem BnB entrance
Lidhem BnB breakfast area
Lidhem B&B entrance
Lidhem BnB lounge
Lidhem outdoor cooking
Lidhem BnB time to read
Lidhem BnB coffee break
Lidhem BnB read and relax in hanging chair
Lidhem BnB lounge
Lidhem BnB tourist info
Lidhem BnB outdoor seating
Lidhem BnB reuse