Permaculture Center Lidhem

"Designing from a permaculture perspective is about systems thinking, starting from site specific conditions of the landscape around you, your garden and your local community. From the time and money you can invest, the way your live is organized and so on. You can make your own journey to a sustainable living at your own conditions, at your own pace. Just try to think differently, think for the future and think like nature. Like volunteer Marine always said when working in the garden ’it is easy, just do it’. "

Lidhem a place to reconnect - reading a book

Interested in permaculture?

But not sure what it is about? Want to get some hands on experience or meet other people who share the same interest? As a certified permaculture designer I am happy to share my experience, knowledge and ideas with you. The courses are in swedish, dutch or english, depending on the group. 

Chose between Permaculture - a one day introduction coursePermaculture in practice - a day out in my garden or Permaculture designer - your garden in fokus.

permaculture - a one day introduction course

We talk about permaculture in general with the design of our own project in mind. How would you redesign your life, garden or livelihood? During our lunch we have the opportunity for conversation and discussion. Why not stay the entire weekend? On sunday you can join a practical day in the garden, read more below.

If you book a room in combination with your course you get a discount of 15% (or 25% if it is outside of the tourist season). You’ll get more info when you register for a course.

The try out of the course is on saturday 16 april 2022 10.00-16.00 and costs 375:-. The normal price 750:- including lunch.
.Send an email to if you are interested and more information will follow.

More weekends in may, june, september and october.

Drone Lidhem north

permaculture in practice - a day out in my garden

Join me a day in Lidhem and learn about permaculture in general and the way my family applies it to our work, living and garden. A hands on weekend with the possibility to stay and help over a longer period. During work and lunch we have time for discussion and questions.

The try out of the course is on sunday 17 april 2022 10..00-16.00, cost 375:- for the try out, normal price 750:- incl. lunch.
The themes of the day are polytunnel & chickens, soil & compost

Sent me an email if you are interested and more information will follow, the adres is

More weekends (with other hands on themes) in may, june, september and october. 

drone lidhem close up garden

permaculture designer - your garden in fokus

Permaculture design is about lots of observations and slow and small solutions. That is why I think you yourself play an important role in the design phase. I can assist you or coach you during the process. It is preferable to start with a Permaculture Introduction Course so that we ’speak the same language’ from the start.

Contact me for info, send a mail to

volunteer in Lidhem

Stay for one or more weeks and help me in the garden or housekeeping on weekdays between 11.00 and 16.00. Read more on the workaway site.

Outdoor cooking in Lidhem

meet & eat for groups

Planning a kick off on sustainability? Want to enjoy a day in the countryside with your colleagues? Lidhem has spacious konferens room with whiteboard, beamer and a view. Want to sit in a more relaxed environment or outside? In that case I can fix a flipchart or portable whiteboard. At lunch time we can pick some vegetables and prepare a lunch in the outdoor kitchen, the former sheep shelter. I can tell you about permaculture and the way I designed my life, livelihood and landscape according to this principles if you like. Contact me via mejl

The chickens in Lidhem have multiple functions

getting a sense to get along...

If I organize a plant sale, yard sale or guidad tour I let you know via the website ’allt som sker nu’ and the calender on this site.