lidhems pantry

"What is the difference between a supermarket tomato and one grown in my garden and given to you? The essential difference arises from the specific relationship that incorporate the uniqueness of the giver and receiver. Today we live under a barrage of sameness, of impersonality. This sameness deadens the soul and cheapens the life.”

-Charles Eisenstein

Outdoor kitchen in Lidhems BnB and permaculture center

use the outdoor kitchen

As my guest you can use the outdoor kitchen, if not booked by a group at that moment. There is a grill with Muurika and a tripod with a 6 liter soup pot and kettle so that you can cook some coffee or tea after your meal and do the dishes.I will share some recipes for panncakes, bread, wok and soup (and the number of the pizzeria). 

I have a limited stock of firewood or coal in my shop. 

rent the outdoor kitchen

Rent our outdoor kitchen with grill and tripod for 3 hours. Vegetables, eggs and other ingredients can be fixed up front or collected during your stay. Want to prepare in front? I’ll sent some ’homework’ if you like. 

Bookable hours: 11.00-14.00 or 16.00-19.00

Basic price p.p. 175:- incl. vegetable oil, wood, salt & peppar. Minimum 4  - max 8 persons.

Optional: guidad tour in garden & collecting vegetables and eggs in 45 minutes. 100:- per person.

Optional: coach, meat, panncakemix, bread dough, extra hour etc on request.

Depending on the date you can use the indoor kitchen as an alternative.

Interested? Mail me at

buy here produced

I sell eggs, vegetables, herbs, honey, berries and fruits if available for use in the (outdoor) kitchen.

It is recommended to check up front what’s available. Mail me at

Want to know more about the garden and the production of food, fodder and fertilizer?

Groups can book a guidad tour in or a short presentation about the garden and permaculture in general as you book the outdoor kitchen. [READ MORE]

Lidhem polytunnel inside
LIdhem BnB entrance
Lidhem rooster and hens
Lidhem outdoor kitchen Muurika