helping hand and volunteer

Want to test to live on the countryside for a week? Learn more about sustainable living, rethink the 40 hour work week or just want to have fun and help me during the day? There is always lots of work in my garden/ mini farm for young and old. You can for example help me feed the animals, collect eggs, harvest vegetables, sow new plants and hay and have fun being outside. The max. number of families participating is only 2 so there is a possibility to adapt the program to your individual wishes and to answer your specific questions. I promise you, every week (or day) in Lidhem is different. I am never bored here ’in the middle of nowhere’. Interested? Check the helping hand program. Want to stay for 2 weeks or more and help me in the garden or kitchen? Check the volunteering possibilities in Lidhem.

helping hand in Lidhem

want to be my helping hand this summer?

You will arrive sunday afternoon and after a welcome dinner you’ll get a guided tour on the mini farm. You will sleep in one of the holiday apartments.

Monday till thursday all the helping hands have a joint breakfast in the mainbuilding and plan the activities for the day. We will ’work’ from 11.00-15.00 including a lunch and coffeebreak. During the day I will tell you about the animals, vegetable gardening, permaculture or whatever you are curious about. At the same time we’ll try to finish some jobs, as the garden, the plants in the nursery and the animals need daily attention. Some days we will even go and collect some ’material’, seeds or berries in the forest, we will just sit in the sun and fold seed envelopes or built a new mobile chicken home.

In the evening we will prepare dinner together, using as much as possible what we can harvest in the garden.
When we are not ’working’ you can walk to the lake for a swim, make a walk in the forest or countryside or just relax in the garden, that is if you do not want to travel by car. 

From thursday 15.00 until departure on saturday morning you plan your own activities and take care of your own meals. If you want you can book an extra night and leave on sunday morning or leave early on friday morning.

You’ll stay in one of the holiday apartments for 6 (alt. 5-7) nights. Evening meals (sunday-wednessday), breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee (monday-thursday), towels and sheets and the activities are included. You clean your apartment at departure and help with the preparing of the meals and dishes.

how to book the helping hand program

To book the helping hand program you have to select an arrival date on sunday in the period May-June and August-October. The duration of your stay has to be 5-7 nights. Now you can select the option ’helping hand’ and the apartment of your choice, Maja or Flora.

If you are travelling with young kids and/ or only one adult wants to participate in the garden work that is also possible. The entire family can participate in the meals of course. Just let me know how many of you actually want to help.

Kids up till 3 participate for free, kids up till 12 pay a rebated price.Towels and sheets for the entire family are included in the package. As well as a guided tour, activities and meals as described above.

garden calender Lidhem

garden calender

What period and activities do you like best? Check my garden calender.

March & April

In March & April the vegetable beds have to be prepared and lots of plants have to be sown or planted both outside and in the tunnels. Trees and bushes have to be planted. The infrastructure has to be established/ changed. New pastures for the pigs and sheep have to be prepared. In this period I only work with volonteers.

May & June

In May the chicks are born, the pigs arrive and the work in the vegetable garden continues.  In June we have to harvest hay and finish all the planting. Hopefully we even can harvest the first vegetables now.

August, September

In August and September we harvest and conserv vegetables and sow some new ones for harvest in autumn or winter. We take cuttings, collect seeds and prune.


In October the chickens are moved to the greenhouse for winter and we maybe have to finish the winter housing in the greenhouse. We probably have to plant more bushes and trees. 

volunteer in Lidhem

volunteer, work away

Want to help me in my permaculture garden somewhere in March until October? Or do you like to cook, bake and conserv vegetables some time between May and September? Are you a photografer or handy man? Sent me a short description of yourself and the period you want to stay via hej(at) or take a look on the workaway website.

The minimum stay is for 2 weeks. You’ll work between 11.00 and 16.00 monday-friday. In return you’ ll get a place to sleep and can participate in the family meals on working days. You’ll participate in the cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning of your accommodation.

As Lidhem is situated ’in the middle of nowhere’ with no public transport close by it is important that you like to be on your own and being in nature. From May to August, when the B&B is open, it is pleasantly busy here. 

In 2021, due to the Corona pandemic, I plan on short term only as the health risks and legislation change all the time.