welcome to Lidhem, a place to reconnect

Lidhem is a hamlet on the småland countryside in Sweden. A quiet place with no services, negligible traffic, a population under 10 people, a dairy farm and my place. A small B&B and holiday apartments surrounded by a permaculture garden and forest. For me Lidhem is a place to reconnect. With nature and myself. Where I can think like nature and think for the future. I am experimenting and learning in all kinds of ways as I do not know the details of a truly sustainable society yet. As a result my lifestyle, my landscape and my livelihood continuously change. I do no longer try to separate my work and private life as it is all about one person, one place and one dream. Lidhem, a place to reconnect. How does that sound? Living somewhat disconnected in order to reconnect?
I love to share ’my bit of earth’  with you and hope to meet you soon in real life, in my garden, the B&B, the meeting point or on the social media. 

- Riquette Verschoor- de Louw

key B&B Lidhem a place to reconnect
bed and breakfast Lidhem a place to reconnect

recharge in my bed & breakfast

A tranquil place where you can be yourself for a moment. Isn’t this exactly where you want to be right now? 

sheep mini farm Lidhem a place to reconnect
permaculture garden Lidhem a place to reconnect

rewild in my permaculture garden

 A garden where natural processes are being restored. Can this inspire you to rediscover your own natural rhythms ?

meeting point café Lidhem a place to reconnect
diy cafe meeting point Lidhem a place to reconnect

refill in my meeting point

A meeting point where you can share stories, company, food and drinks.

experience the countryside

If I ask you why you want to experience the countryside, what would you answer? My guess is that you would mention your love for the natural world, a desire to spend more time outdoors, your preference for fresh and seasonal foods, that you want to revive the countryside. Maybe you like to make a difference in the world by healing land, increasing biodiversity or reversing the climate crisis. Maybe you just want to relax or support me doing all this. Whatever your reasons, you are welcome to Lidhem and to help if you like.

a fair and abundant world with respect for earth and people, that is my vision

I hope very much that you, as a resident, guest or volunteer support this, or an equivalent, vision


co-owner of Lidhem, resident & responsible for the permaculture garden and B&B since 2009 .

Riquette Verschoor CEO Lidhem a place to reconnect

Camille & Marine

volonteers from France, march 2020, helped to built the polytunnel and to prepare the pigcarousel, ’that’s easy’.

volonteers spring 2020 Lidhem a place to reconnect
Rene Verschoor co owner Lidhem a place to reconnect


co-owner of Lidhem and resident since 2009. Since 2020  helping hand in his spare time.

future guest Lidhem a place to reconnect

Your family next year?

B&B guests summer 2021, stayed for a week and helped to feed the pigs and hens every morning. 

regenerating lifestyle, landscape and livelihood

My own ongoing journey and my own 'bit of earth' in Lidhem, Sweden are my starting point to inspire and motivate others -and hopefully even you- to find solutions for regenerating lifestyles, landscapes and livelihoods. My journey started in 2005 when my family decided to move to Sweden. For you who cannot travel to Lidhem and meet me in my B&B or garden, I share my thoughts, pictures and experiences in social media.

seeing with my eyes, Lidhem on instagram

On my Instagram account I post the unique situations and compositions. Pictures of the B&B and the garden can be found on this site under lodging and permaculture garden- or on pinterest.

reading my thoughts, latest posts on Linkedin

I am an activist. Active for a purpose bigger than personal gain. My activism is through renewing my lifestyle, my garden, my business. And by sharing my thoughts, often inspired by the books I read.